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Distribution Hygiene Services specialise in Evaporator Cleaning. We work in both chill (+1°C) and frozen environments (-25°C) in order to ensure that all evaporators are maintained in the best possible condition. At the same time, we ensure that all the evaporator condensate lines (drains) are thoroughly cleansed.

As part of our evaporator cleaning procedures, we take air-flow readings before each clean, and once the clean has been completed we take further readings. We regularly find an improvement in excess of 40%.

evaporator cleaning

During a recent experiment with one of our major clients, it was found that from a very modest improvement of 12% in the air-flow a saving in energy costs amounted to 21% - if these evaporators/coolers could have been kept in this condition all year round, the energy savings per evaporator would have amounted to £1,400 p.a. Thus, the cost of regular evaporator cleaning can be seen to pale into insignificance against the savings in energy costs.

The bacterial slime that can build up in the drain lines is an ideal environment for pathogens to thrive. When the pipe becomes blocked, the defrost water will be unable to run away and will back up into the drip trays. When the fans resume, contaminated water will be broadcast over the produce and picking staff below!


We have recently developed our Energy Efficient Evaporator (EEEO) Cleaning Plan. We are prepared to receive monthly payments that will cover two evaporator cleans each year and an immediate response for any interim call outs necessary at no further charge.


We provide free quotations. A full Method Statement and Risk Assessment. An After Clean report giving pre-clean and post-clean air-flow readings of each evaporator as well as any other relevant information gained as the result of the clean.


Pre clean picture


After clean picture


Not much air-flow here! We not only carry out the cleans in chilled areas but are skilled at working in -25°C either for routine cleans or where problems have occurred that result in severe icing that needs to be remedied.

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